Jackets Nesting Report: Lady Jackets Fall Short

(Photo By Edward A. Ornelas)

It wasn’t a lack of effort by the Lady Jackets on Sunday afternoon that eliminated them from the Women’s NCAA Tournament. It wasn’t the fact that they didn’t compete, because they certainly did. Simply put, they just played a more advanced South Carolina team in the Sweet 16.

As mentioned in our previous article, the Lady Jackets would need a near perfect game to knock off top-seeded South Carolina.

Even with Tech’s 12 turnovers, it wasn’t what truly cost them the game. It was mainly getting behind in the game, and the shooting percentage that closed the door on the Lady Jackets’ season. As a team they shot 45.8 percent from the field (27-of-59). They also went 71.4 percent from the charity line (5-of-7).

Tech fought for all four quarters, there isn’t any debating that. They trailed 19-16 at the end of the first. Then again 39-35 going into halftime. The third quarter would be the deciding factor as Carolina would hold a 62-50 lead going into the fourth. However, Tech did make it interesting with 4:05 left to go. They trailed 69-63. However, South Carolina would once again pull away, ultimately waking away with the victory, 76-65.

Hope for next year

All hope isn’t lost for next season though. Coach Nell Fortner isn’t losing hope on the upcoming season.

“This is a springboard for us that we’ll use to continue to build this program and play at a high level and get back to this tournament and see if we can go a little bit farther.”

As the season closes on the women’s program, it will be a time for the young lady’s coming back to the program to fuel themselves on this defeat for next season. They’ve got a taste of the big dance. They’ve danced with some greats. Maybe next year they can dance all the way to Final Four or the Championship.

*Update*: Lorela Cubaj and Kierra Fletcher have announced via their Twitter that they will be returning to Georgia Tech in 2021.