‘member that time when Louisville didn’t win the National Title?

Apparently, the NCAA frowns upon providing money and prostitutes to potential recruits. Who knew?

As a result, the NCAA went all Frank Drebin on Louisville’s 2013 National Title:

It’s a sad story with guilty parties, innocent bystanders caught in the storm, and lots of villains, the primary one being Rick Pitino. Love him, hate him, think he’s being painted unfairly, think he should be tarred and feathered, either way, the buck stopped with him. And no matter what he accomplished in the profession, this will be his legacy.

According to the NCAA, Louisville’s championship run in 2013 never happened (although Kevin Ware’s leg would disagree). Officially, no one won the National Title because even though the wins are gone, the losses remain.

So while this sordid tale comes to a close, wins are vacated, and banners are taken down, we think we speak for everyone when we say: we get to keep all of that money we made betting on Louisville that year, right?