Texas HC Tom Herman leaves no stone unturned

While tracking the color of urine is merely a hobby for most of us, it’s serious business for University of Texas head coach Tom Herman, as evidenced by the poster hanging in the bathrooms at the Longhorns’ facilities:

Admitting that checking the color of his players’ urine might be unorthodox to say the least, one thing is certain: Tom Herman leaves no kidney stone unturned. And if he’s paying this much attention to his players’ hydration levels, you’d have to be pretty certain that he’ll have the fact that the Longhorns were ranked 93rd in the nation in defense, including giving up 31.5 pts/gm on lockdown.

In a weird way, this has to be sort of exciting for Longhorns fans. With a new regime in place this year, Texas clearly needed a shakeup. While a bit odd, at the bare minimum this clearly demonstrates a high level of accountability that Herman expects from his players, and an extreme attention to detail that should allow the Longhorn players to flourish.

So take heart, Longhorn fans. Texas may be returning to national prominence sooner rather than layer. Oh, and invest in Aquafina.


PS- How about that 8th level of urine? What is that?? Sand?? Clay?? Bruh, that’s not a dehydration level, that’s you should probably be dialing 911. IMMEDIATELY.

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