Strange, but True – College football’s Week 10

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With Week 10 of college football in the books, it’s time to take a look back at the weird and wonderful. The funny and flabbergasting. The amazing but accurate. The strange, but true.

#9 Utah beating unranked Washington was Strange, but True…. Wait, what?

When would a ranked, favored team beating an unranked, underdog team be strange, but true? Well, when #9 Utah beat Washington, apparently. Utah came into the game with everything to gain, as they were trying to somehow claw their way into the CFP. Washington came into the game with nothing to lose, as their 3 losses have torpedoed their season. But the Huskies seemingly had the Utes right where they wanted them. Historically, Washington was 12-1 vs Utah, including 4 straight victories. To make matters worse for the Utes, in his career UW head coach Chris Peterson was a whopping 14-0 after a bye week. We’ll give you 3 guesses if you think the Huskies were coming off of a bye. And that’s how a ranked favorite beating an unranked underdog becomes strange, but true.

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Nebraska Celebrates Dominating Purdue by Losing

The Huskers continued their disappointing season by dropping their contest vs the Boilermakers 31-27. However, they dominated the game so thoroughly, that it was strange, but true that they lost at all. Consider the fact that Nebraska blocked two punts and had two interceptions. And somehow only managed to spin that into 3 points. They also drove into Purdue territory 11 out of 13 drives. Their average starting field position was their own 41 and they won the turnover battle. Yet, somehow, someway, against all odds, they still managed to lose. So…….congrats?

PS – h/t to Husker reporter Parker Gabriel for those stats, as painful as they were for him.

Rutgers fell just 649 passing yards short of breaking the all-time NCAA record

What a day for the Scarlet Knights! On the road, they were tied with heavily favored Illinois 10-10 at halftime. Which was basically the same thing as winning. That is until the NCAA implemented that silly new rule of having to play a full game for it to count. So they ended up losing by 4 touchdowns, 38-10. But that’s only because of the stupid new rule! To top off their almost-win, the team’s 86 passing yards fell just 649 yards short of the all-time record for passing yards in a game. But that’s not the strange, but true part. That comes from the fact that it’s their second most passing yards they’ve had this year vs a Power 5 school. We didn’t major in the maths, but something tells us that fact = not good.

H/t to Kyle Lamb