College Basketball’s National Championship Roundtable Discussion

The time has arrived. Pypeline contributors Sunil Karnik, Mike DeVoe, Shelton Moss, Brandon Buckman and Jason Gibbs had a round table discussion on the Championship game and who cuts down the nets.

Texas Tech vs Virginia

Jason:Texas Tech vs Virginia for all the marbles. Let’s go!

Mike: I must admit that I would’ve never guessed this match-up at the beginning of the year.

Jason: Predictably, the o/u is the lowest total in 20 years. A paltry 118. Needless to say, points will be at an ultra premium.

Mike: It’s been a minute since one of those super one and done teams has won a title. This year will only continue that streak.

Jason: It seems like it’s not really a recipe for success.

Mike: Definitely not. It’s okay to have 1-2 on your team, but it seems like the upperclassmen are the ones who come through in March/April. I wonder if ESPN has gotten Zion’s take on the championship game yet?

Jason: They actually did.

Mike: I am not surprised whatsoever.

Jason: Wahoos open up at -1.5. They’ve def been living a charmed life this tournament. Does their luck run out, a la Auburn? As Mike pointed out last time, Texas Tech held Gonzaga to their 3rd lowest total of the year. They held Buffalo, Michigan, & now Michigan St to their lowest totals of the year. All in the tourney. Just putting on an absolute defensive clinic.

Brandon: Any chance its meant for UVA to win? Like they shouldn’t have beaten Purdue or Auburn.

Mike: I am with you Brandon.

Jason: They are living a charmed life, for sure. Are they destined for glory or does their luck run out?

Mike: I just feel like Texas Tech has been shutting everyone down. There is no way Kihei Clark and Ty Jerome will be able to get much of an offense going.

Will Kihei Clark and Ty Jerome be able to get the Hoo’s offense going against the Red Raiders. (Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)

Brandon: Don’t act like Virginia isn’t great at defense either.

Mike: Definitely true.

Brandon: 48-45 final, haha!

Mike: Double OT.

Jason: Hunter and Jerome carried UVA in the 2H vs Auburn. They’ll need a repeat performance to cut down the nets.

Brandon: Think of this…2002 Maryland squad was the last team to win without a shade of blue in their school colors. (Granted 2013 Louisville, But NCAA rules ya know…) Give me the Orange and Blue Virginia Cavaliers

Jason: The stat of the year.

Mike: I love it, haha!

Sunil: Virginia wins on a double dribble call vs Texas Tech.

Jason: Haha, I think twitter would melt down to say the least. The Hoos avg 34.7 rebs/game. The Red Raiders 34.1. So evenly matched all the way around.

Sunil: Virginia wins so I can say that their last loss was to FSU.

Brandon: I’m pumped! I love this match-up. Real basketball fans will enjoy it.

Jason: I think this could make the UConn/Butler final seem like a Golden St/Houston Rockets match-up.

Sunil: I just love watching Ty Jerome walk the ball up the court like his name is Penny Hardaway.

Mike: Same here, haha! I’m hoping Tariq Owen will be 100% for tomorrow. Didn’t he roll his ankle, then return last game?

Tariq Owens vs. Mamadi Diakite will be one of many fun matchups to watch in this National Championship game. (Photo Credit:

Jason: Yes, Beard isn’t sure about his status. Although, that could be a bit of gamesmanship. Owens vs Diakite could be a crazy battle. Both have been solid this tourney.

Mike: First time national title for both head coaches right?

Shelton: Yes.

Sunil: So the Big 12 vs ACC was both the men’s and women’s Final. There has to be a stat out there to help predict if one conference wins.

Jason: Wow, didn’t know that.

Mike: Okay give me UVA 67-64 and Diakite will get the better of Owens. Luck has been on their side and sometimes that’s all it takes.

Jason: A “high scoring” affair, eh?

Sunil: I think the first to 50 wins. 55-52 UVA. Kyle Guy cuts down the nets and 24 hours later celebrates at his favorite wedding registry party.

Jason: At the beginning of the tourney, I’m on record as saying the winner of the Gonzaga/Texas Tech would cut down the nets. I’ll stick to that. 57-55 Red Raiders.

Brandon: Virginia 65-59.

Shelton: UVA is a team of destiny. Hoos win.

Jason: Kyle Guy MOP? Hahaha!

Sunil: Shelton’s mood above after watching Kyle Guy cut down the nets.

MOP & X-factor

Jason: Who is the MOP & who is the x-factor?

Sunil: Jack Salt will be the x-factor for Virginia.

Shelton: MOP: Jerome. X-factor: Diakite.

Mike: I second that. MOP: Jerome and the x-Factor: Diakite. Like I said, I think he gets the better of Owens.

Brandon: MOP: Kyle Guy with Diakite as the x-factor.

Jason: MOP: Mooney X-factor: Odiase Red Raiders National Champs. Wow.

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