Boston College v. Richmond – Scrimmage Preview

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Ruminations and Considerations

After a long hiatus touring the subcontinent, I have emerged from my cocoon to begin the hearty task of writing about my beloved #37(t)-ranked Boston College Eagles.  While my Twitter has never slept, this blog certainly did.  And really, can you blame me? (Yes.)

BC pooped the bed to end the season, had its bowl game cancelled, extended a coach that I truly liked, but DESPERATELY felt it was time to move on from, and seemed poised for more of the same in 2019.  Well, consider this the ol’ ForBlogston jinx, folks, because last week’s victory over VT has got me PUMPED.  A complete victory for the Eagles, showcasing a flashy offense and an opportunistic defense.  Mediocre playcalling in the second half? NONSENSE.  The offense failed to execute for the majority of the second half – I don’t really take issue with many of the play calls.  All except for the Jeff Sm…..Kobay White pass which appeared slow-moving and doomed from the beginning.

Anthony Brown can throw it deep, Daz looks like he knows how to give AJ a breather, and we’ve got swiss army knives with Travis Levy, Ben Glines, and Zay Flowers.

Live look at the Eagles’ game plan this week

Game Preview

Just as LeBron, John Wall, and others are famous for playing themselves into shape during a season, so too will I with my writing.  So NO, you won’t be getting a 900-word treatise on the intricacies of Richmond’s “Spidercat” Offense or their “Arachnophobia” Defense. Instead, you’ll be getting what is obvious – don’t get too cute.

Though the game plan is likely to be vanilla this week, I’d like to see the Eagles really spread the love around.  Get a big lead, get the second, third, etc stringers in, and let’s see what other folks can do.  This would appear to be a prime opportunity to get some in-game reps for redshirted freshman or other youngsters who have not yet worked their way onto the two-deep.  Opinions on this may vary, but I don’t mind using one of the four “redshirt” games in this scenario.  While I believe in having some eligible games left to use at the end of the schedule in the event the injury bug strikes, valuable reps can go to waste.  Instead, let’s see what some of the kids can do.

Run the damn ball, keep the ball in front of you on defense, and pull the starters no later than the third.  This isn’t rocket science folks – though there have been some scares this season – it’s FBS v. FCS football and Richmond went 4-7 last year.  Let’s not overthink this.

* – These are made up, but dope.  All future use of them is trademarked, Richmond. No, you can’t have them.  

THE BABA YAGA – Anthony “Mr. Hyde” Brown

Every week I’ve tried to identify the player who will be BC’s “boogeyman” for that particular game – the player who gives BC fits and causes us to lose sleep at night for how they beat us.  I’ve decided to turn it into its own section of the preview.  2018 Baba Yagas included Tamarrion Terry (I hate that I was right, kill me now) and Eric Dungey (lol, we kept Daz after that game).

Normally, this portion of the blog is reserved solely for opposing players, but I just can’t see** how Richmond will be able to take us down.  Instead, the nightmares can only come from within.  Anthony Brown is one of the most fascinating quarterbacks I’ve ever closely watched – pro or college.  He is an ethereal deep ball passer, fantastic off of play action, and makes moves with his feet.  He also did a solid job of looking off defenders against VT – a much-needed improvement over last year.

Also, he struggles with basic timing routes, and is the only quarterback I’ve ever seen to play like a pitcher – on it some days, off it others.  Even in halves the game can get away from him.  I don’t think AB will hurt us this game – I think he gets us two quick touchdowns in the air and sits his butt down.  But the only way I think this game is close if Dr. Jekyl can’t keep Mr. Hyde at bay.

** – won’t do the research to find a single player’s name.

Final Thoughts

We’re going to win.  It should be a blowout.  The sky is blue, grass is green, water is wet.  We’re on to Kansas, and I’m hoping for #RankedbyRutgers.